Drone Services We Provide

Drone Training Course

As a fully qualified Defence Trainer you are in good hands. This onsite course in Buckinghamshire will give you great confidence in how to prepare, operate and recover your drone safely and legally. All aspects of safe drone flying are covered, along with hazard avoidance, getting the best out of your drone and secret hints and tips that will help ensure you are safe drone pilot.

Drone Mapping & Survey

Our specialist 2D and 3D drone mapping and survey service is specially designed to cover large swathes or area. This is a perfect service for large land owners, developers, architects and planning applicants. Detail can be as sharp as 1cm which will give you great insight into the area you are interested in. Datasets are provided along with viewers if required.

Wedding Imagery

Wedding Filming

Allow us to capture your special moments forever. Detailed planning and consultation will go into your job to ensure you get exactly what you require. Stunning aerial imagery and videos formats will be suitable for all social channels. A wide variety of shooting techniques will ensure a great media album you can share and print with ease. Full and half day discounts available.

Event Filming

We can cover your sporting, social or charity event in style with aerial imagery and videos. These will be perfect for your social media channels, online marketing and print media.

Drone Event Filming

Prices start from just £130 so don’t delay, call today to talk about your requirements.

Drone Marketing Imagery

Drone Photography

Providing you with up to 48mp High Definition drone photography of virtually any location you need. Experts in filming residential and commercial properties along with nature and vegetation. Images are of great quality to be shared on social media media and websites.

Drone Videography

Providing you with up to 4K High Definition drone videos that will meet your personal requirements. Our drones can loiter and film in normal and slow motion. We can programme waypoint filming and even create stunning hyper lapse and time shift (toy model effect) videos.

Aerial Videography

Estate Agent Images

Drone imagery is a powerful tool for estate agents who want to showcase their properties in an attractive and comprehensive way. By using drones, estate agents can capture high-quality aerial photos and videos of the exterior and interior of the buildings, as well as the surrounding landscape and amenities. Drone imagery can help estate agents to attract more buyers, increase their sales, and enhance their reputation in the market.

Drone Inspection Imagery

Drone imagery is a valuable tool for building inspections, as it can provide high-resolution and accurate data in a fast and cost-effective way. This can help identify structural defects, damage, leaks, cracks, corrosion, and other issues that may affect the safety and performance of a building. Aerial imagery can also reduce the need for scaffolding, ladders, or other equipment that may pose risks to workers or the environment. Drone roof inspection imagery can enhance the quality and efficiency of building inspections, while saving time and money for owners and managers.

Perimeter Inspection

It can be a hard job assessing that all your boundaries are secure, particularly in those inaccessible areas. Our UAV drones can provide you with video and imagery of your boundary so you can see clearly if there are any areas that need attention.

Prices start from just £130 so don’t delay, call today to talk about your requirements.

Roof & Guttering Inspection

Get quick and efficient drone imagery and video of your roof no matter how big or small. Aerial imagery provides clear images and videos that will help to detail any areas that might need attention. This drone service also comes with a Roof Image Reference Pack so you can show the results to your qualified surveyor.  This is an affordable alternative to ladders and scaffolding.

Roof Inspection Drone Imagery

Marketing Media

Do you have a social media following and want some unique drone footage to put you above your competition? We will come out and accompany you on your activity. The drones will take stunning aerial photography and videos of your event.  Media will be delivered social media ready for easy sharing on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube etc…

Billboard Images

We can provide drone imagery up to 48mp which will make any large media print for billboards, construction site boards and advertising hoardings look fantastic. The rich colours and dynamic range of the drones mean that we can capture that perfect image that will promote your business.

Construction Images

Aerial photography is a valuable tool for monitoring construction sites. It can provide a comprehensive view of the site’s progress, identify potential issues, and improve communication among stakeholders. Aerial imagery can also help reduce costs, increase safety, and enhance quality control. By using UAV drones, construction managers can capture high-resolution images and videos of their projects at any stage and from any angle.

Detailed Area Analysis

With a wealth of experience we are able to take imagery and video of a location and then provide detailed area analysis to help you make informed decisions. The drone images will be professionally analysed and annotated with information that covers the questions you want answered.