Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Project Cost?

The pricing  page should give you a good indication of the prices that are charged. Most tasks can be completed in one hour. Per hour prices are available in the hire rates page. These are indicative and will be confirmed once full project details are known.

What is the process for shooting a project?
  1. Sky Eye Imagery will contact you to gather all necessary information such as location.
  2. We will discuss what service you are looking for, such as Still Images, Videos, or a survey booklet.
  3. Flight planning will then commences. This can take from a day to a few weeks depending on location (restricted flight zones, airfields, deconfliction detection, risk assessments, shooting angles and resources).
  4. A number of suitable dates that give the best weather forecast and flight performance will be booked.
  5. Post flight production then starts and can take from two days to a week depending on complexity.
  6. You will then be sent your product for approval.
What finished products do you provide?
  1. Image packs and video packs according to your requirements and job specifics.
  2. Imagery and videos can be provided in processed and RAW format.
  3. We can compile finished personal, advertising and marketing videos with great editing and royalty free music and styling. See our YouTube channel for more.
What qualifications do you have?

Your pilot has a ProQual Level 4 Diploma in The Remote Piloting of Aircraft Systems for Commercial Operations. They also hold a CAA – A2 CofC and GVC certification.

Aside from the above your UAV pilot is a military veteran with 23 years service in the RAF. They have worked extensively around drones and the production of complex digital media products in a wide range of theatres.

Do you have insurance?

Sky Eye Imagery has insurance up to £1 million of liability which can be increased where necessary.

How is payment made?

Payment is requested once a project has been delivered at the end of the production phase.

Can I buy your imagery and videos?

Yes you can. Take a look at the full stock library here which is hosted on Wirestock. There are hundreds of images and videos that can be used for websites, marketing material and B-roll.

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