Aylesbury Flood Water Drone Imagery – 5 Jan 23

It has been raining hard around the Aylesbury area since #stormhenk and the floodplains are working very hard at keep the waters away from the build up areas of the town. The River Thame has been completely submerged. The beauty of drone imagery and video is that you can see see exactly what the Aylesbury flood water is doing. The main footbridge through Buckingham Park is completely cut off and you would need wellies to get to it. Click on an image to enlarge.

Aylesbury Flood Water Drone Video

Drone video of flood waters between Haydon Hill and Berryfields in Aylesbury.
Drone video of flood waters in north Aylesbury looking towards to Berryfields Wind Turbine.
Flood waters in the Buckingham Park floodplain in north Aylesbury.

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