Get Drone Imagery Of Your Christmas Lights

Are you planning on setting up a fantastic Christmas Lights display outside your home or business premises. If so why not really show it off with some specialist drone imagery.

People will drive by and say WOW, why not increase your exposure with drone imagery that you can use in your social media posts or Christmas cards. You have spent the time and effort in creating a beautiful display, why not let as many people as possible see how amazing your efforts are.

The beauty of a drone means that we can capture great moments in no longer that 30 minutes of flight.

1. Capture imagery from the best angles that showcases your lights against your property.

2. You can add family and friends to the drone shoot in any position you like. Do you have a balcony that you want featured as well as what is on the ground.

3. During a 60 minute flight we can capture images and video that you can create into a fantastic social media post and Christmas card

4. I can create a hyper lapse which takes images every 2 seconds whilst activity is taking place, such as lights being switched on or people undertaking activities.

5. Don’t just shoot images from the ground. Let everyone see the splendour of what you have created. Images and videos can be captured in widescreen and reel format which means you can use them as you wish.

6. If safety preclusions permit the drone can perform some artistic moves that you can use in your social media posts that will help to really highlight your efforts, such s Rocket, Boomerang and maybe a 360 degree sphere.

If this interests you, why no give Sky Eye Imagery a call today and I capture perfect images and videos from as as little as £99.

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