How Much For Drone Imagery In The UK

From Sky Eye Imagery, standard drone imagery tasks will cost from £99 for 60 minutes on site. Each task is different so it is very hard to give a fixed price on a website. The “from” price is the base price which does not include excess travel, flight clearance submission requests or post capture video compilation and editing.

Post Storm Babet in Buckingham Park in Aylesbury
Post Storm Babet in Buckingham Park in Aylesbury

Drone imagery is a powerful tool for capturing stunning aerial views of landscapes, buildings, events, and more. But how much does it cost to hire a drone operator in the UK? And what factors affect the price of drone imagery?

This includes the drone operator’s fee, equipment, insurance, travel expenses, and basic editing. However, this is only a rough estimate, as the actual price may vary depending on several factors, such as:

– The type and quality of the drone and camera used

– The complexity and duration of the project

– The location and accessibility of the site

– The weather and lighting conditions

– The licensing and CAA permissions required

– The deliverables and specifications requested by the client

Therefore, it is important to communicate clearly with the drone operator about your expectations and requirements before hiring them. You should also ask for a quote that breaks down the costs and services included in the package.

Roof and Solar Panel Inspection Imagery
Roof and Solar Panel Inspection Imagery

How to find the best drone service for your needs and budget

There are many drone operators in the UK, offering different types of drone imagery services, such as:

– Aerial photography and videography

– Mapping and surveying

– Inspection and monitoring

– Thermal imaging and 3D modelling

– Live streaming and event coverage

To find the best drone service for your needs and budget, you should consider the following factors:

– The portfolio and reputation of the drone operator

– The experience and qualifications of the drone operator

– The equipment and software used by the drone operator

– The availability and flexibility of the drone operator

Aerial Image of Hardwick Village
Aerial Image of Hardwick Village

Why should you look at Sky Eye Imagery?

– Highly qualified drone pilot with GEOINT experience.

– This means that I take into account the Sun position, time of day, weather, location and surrounding features to give you the best possible imagery for your requirements.

 – I have completed a Level 4 Diploma in the piloting unmanned aerial vehicles.

– Gained a GVC in the Specific Category from the CAA which means that I can fly with a risk assessment in a controlled environment. Credentials available on request. I will also contact controlling airspace authorities to gain permission to fly in a restricted zone.

– With Sky Eye Imagery you can be assured that every effort is made to fly safely so that your valuable assets are protected. This means understanding turbulencewind shearweather and other phenomena’s that could affect  drone flight.

– Sky Eye Imagery pride ourselves on respectful flight. This ensures that the customer and neighbours are not unduly disturbed.

– We are fully insured up to £1 million of liability insurance which can be increased.

– Sky Eye Imagery also ensures that our pilots conduct regular training with a variety of drone in different circumstances so that we can capture the best images and also pre-empt airspace risks before they become an issue.

The price of drone imagery can seem expensive, but if you want a QUALITY END PRODUCT that is captured in a SAFE ENVIRONMENT you should consider Sky Eye Imagery.

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